Merry Christmas Giveaway
Merry Christmas!

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This year, the Gaming International Association would like to thank you for being with us. To do that, we are going to be giving away two $50 Steam gift cards. There are two ways you can win. This is all free. It wouldn't be "giving" if it wasn't!

The First Way to Win

One way to enter is to be a member. Seriously. Being a member of the GIA community is enough to get you entered. 

The Nitty-Gritty: 
  • Be a registered Gaming International Association (GIA) member before 12/24/2015. 
  • Make sure your account is verified before 12/24/2015
  • You must be over the age of 13
Earn Extra Entries:
  • +1 Refer someone to GIA. When the register, they will have a "referral" option. If they put you as the referral source, you win an additional entry. In order to get the additional entry, that referrer needs to have a verified account. Limit to two referrals (which will be verified via IP).
  • +5 Provide proof of you performing charity work this Christmas season. In other words, get out there! Help your community! Doing so will earn you five extra entries. You can e-mail your proof confidentially to Please include in your e-mail if it is okay for us to share any photos. 

The Second Way To Win

The second way to win, is to be a registered member here on the forum, and win the Battle Royale server event taking place on our Exile server on Sunday at 3:00pm PDT - that's 12/20/2015. If you have not joined our Exile server yet, you can go here to learn how. 

  • The Battle Royale even will take place in the West Esseker.
  • The city will be contained by 50' high walls so contenders must stay in the city
  • We will gather everyone via teleporting to the massive gate entrance to the city
  • All gear must be removed before being teleported. If not, we will remove it for you
  • On our "mark", we will open the gates and contenders will rush into the city to scrounge for weapons and ammo, strategically placed.

  • You can team up, however, there can only be one winner, so you must kill each other if it is a team-victory
  • Crying/whining will get you removed
  • Any racism/biggotry will get you removed
  • You must be ready to be teleported (e.g. no gear on you) at the time of the event
  • You can camp/lock down an area, but extended corner-camping will get you a warning, followed by eventual elimination (we need to keep things moving)
  • If you are online at the time of the event, and we reach max population, we will kindly ask you exit the server to make room for contender

One Last Thing

This is a special holiday event. Let's make sure we keep this happy. Although it's not required I highly, highly encourage our users to contribute a charity event. It's the time of giving after all. You can find some recommendation below. Remember, anyone who can provide poof (photos are great) of attending a charity event, will receive an additional five entries into our drawing. The winner for the drawing will be announced on Christmas morning. The winner of the Exile event will be announced the day of the event. If a user does not respond to our "Merry Christmas - Congratulations" e-mail with in three business days, the prize will go to the runner-up. Best of luck, and Merry Christmas!



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