Exile Server Mods
Lets start out about the mods that are installed on the server

Frenzied Mod Pack
Ryan Zombies
Advanced Rappelling (optional)

The NAPF map has a mod dependency of the A2OP. 

Alternatively you can use the A3launcher to download, install, and launch into the server. Otherwise you need to download and extract these files to your Arma folder and enable them through the Arma launcher. Each process is fairly painless. Join GIA's Discord if you have any issues. An Exile server admin should be available.

Some users have trouble joining since the big Apex update, and get "frozen" at the loading screen. We have found that if you "esc" out and then just join via direct connect, it works fine. For reference, if you go through regular Steam/Arma launcher, it should look like this:

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