Juice And Play
What's up guys?
So I was trying to think of our next big event. I know PUBG is one of our more popular games right now, but HOTS is still really going strong so I was trying to think of something that would accomplish both.  With that in mind, I'd like to purpose our next event idea.(edited)

[Image: 98eab6564de066b2c863248b4ad2a1ef.svg] [Image: d054dc34be8c323352033df0ef614d2b.svg] [Image: 9a9325d2bfd83add09376a7f2d2e928a.svg] [Image: f5a3b10342ad117da7530ae96caa1f5e.svg] [Image: ede3268aa377f9b55c96707b4332a518.svg] [Image: 90afb3e43c37af013870d5b1f530fb8b.svg] [Image: 9d3334bc4be7f586fc00eb2772eb331f.svg] [Image: 56f2c6f0a1e2323ff28a7876fe527b4c.svg] [Image: 50118b4eac911e2134c145f4481e1eaf.svg] [Image: 90afb3e43c37af013870d5b1f530fb8b.svg] [Image: 200197699874981bef63cac3bbf1cf0e.svg] [Image: 5dec0be7440407fd74683561854d4371.svg] [Image: 9d3334bc4be7f586fc00eb2772eb331f.svg] [Image: 6d975157bf496526db48222321db7dfb.svg]

The idea of the event is pretty simple. Let's pick a date and time to get as many members online as possible, with a beverage (e.g. "juice") of your choice! It'll be an opportunity to meet some of our newer members, and hang out across multiple games. Should cause some laughs and be a blast! If you have any interest, please chime in below:
Head to https://www.strawpoll.me/13290153 to vote!
Once we receive enough votes, I'll formally announce the dates/times of the event.


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