Server Changes
Hello all!

I wanted to take a moment and give a brief explanation of what has been happening between servers #1 and #2. On server #1 (where everyone has been playing on) the database is corrupt. We believe this was caused by the unexpected Arma update which happened a month and a half ago now. Since that update, we had to remove both zombies and TRYK because they were no longer supported (which he hope to update in the future). To alleviate any confusion the corruption has caused:
  • Vehicles Disappearing
  • Guns Disappearing
  • Vehicles Showing up in places other than you left them
Unfortunately, we would have continued to see these issues unless the database was started from scratch, AKA wiped. Regretably, this is the only option we have. In an effort to make sure that players don't feel like they've "lost" or been "wiped" our admin team will be helping migrate everyone from server #1 to server #2. We will literally help rebuild bases using admin tools, and reimburse any tabs that were lost. I have compiled a list of what players currently have on server #1 and distributed them to our admin team to make sure everything is refunded properly. 

In an effort to make everyone happy, most things are staying the same on server #2. There are a few changes and perks taking place on #2:

Using CUP instead of MAS for weapons/vehicles (this is more updated and has shown no signs of disappearing vehicles after extensive testing)
Traders are now "combined" meaning you can find every trader in one location - over a total of three spots on the map
Storms and other weather effects were added (with wind removed so that players have no issues parachuting in)
Tremendous optimization of AI (same configuration regarding difficulty/mission types)
Much higher FPS on a new machine

Also, we have recognized two new members to our admin team and one new moderator. These are spread on to different time zones to make sure someone is always available. In short, congratulations to Jordan, Xenon, and Corey. In an effort to "re-raise" population, we will be expending a massive amount of finances on advertising for this Friday's " Operation Population" event. If you are available, we would greatly appreciate your participation. There may even be a "special" prize for those who contribute. The bulk of our population and scheduled participants will be available at 8:30 PDT, but we would appreciate anyone being available when they can.

Moving forward, there are multiple options for server #1, after we have finished migrating players. Most likely (depending on donations and players count) it will be on a new map. This is still TBD and will act as a testing server in the mean time for things like new updates, to make sure this never happens again. Again, thank you for your patients and for playing with us. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post them below. I am leaving this announcement unlocked so that we can hear about any concerns.

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