Ark Update!
Alright guys, it's getting close to that time again! The upcoming ARK update looks amazing. Here are some of the most important (or heck, maybe just the coolest) things that have changed:

Upcoming Version: v207.0

* New Creature: Pachycephalosaurus!
* New Item: Water Raft!
* New Item: Scuba Pants, providing excellent hyperthermic insulation, but only when in water.
* New Item: Craftable "Amnesiac Soup" that resets all of your Engrams and Skill Points!
* Paintings / Warpaints can now be saved, loaded, and shared! (they require the corresponding indicated amount of paint to apply, of course!) -- can someone make a Bitmap to ARKPaint converter now? Wink
* Human and Dino Warpaint
* Collidable Saddle Platform & Build-on-Saddles: make your big ♥♥♥ brontos and plesios into mobile bases, build just about anything up from them! Build ladders to climb up onto them, whatever -- the possibilities are nearly endless!!! Wink We originally were gonna limit it to sleeping bags and turrets, but let's just go all-out and make it work with everything, like so:

[Image: 3EC0B8A8055D2A83616C835BF043CCE537C1D702]
[Image: 9C3F940992A45BFFF423900E366352613CE48D11]
Super excited for these updates! All the details can be found here.
[Image: 12.6.gif]
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