Kicked from Server
After the server was restarted I tried changing my profile name from "Gunner" to "Woogie". Upon connecting I was instantly kicked. I tried changing my profile back to "Gunner", but I continue to get kicked when I join the server.
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. I looked for a place under Arma 3 section to post, but could not find one.


Player Name: Gunner
Player ID: 76561197962281640
Server Name: Border Patrol &GIA Exile:Esseker|HordeZombies|AiMissions|Weapon
Server IP:

Thank You,

Disregard. I was able to get in after restarting my pc.

Thank you,
No problem! I'll close this thread. Yeah, our anti-cheat alerts us if someone changes their name and tries to rejoin. Avoid doing that or let us know next time Smile
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