Rules Specifically For Exile
Fellow Fugitives!
Read. These. Rules. 

Trader Rules
  • Any vehicles left in trader, regardless of owner, will be unlocked.
  • Being at the trader is okay, however loitering at the trader to yield loot or harass players is not. Get your stuff and head out.
  • Selling someone's ride they just bought is not okay and will be enforced with a warning/kick/ban. Stealing is not allowed. No trolling in trader cities (for example; ramming vehicles, joking about theft of items, tricking people, e.g. don't be a jerk). If someone is actively trading leave them alone, leave their ride alone. If you are idle in a trader city for an extended period of time, don't whine if your vehicle is gone.
  • Don't block anyone from buying or selling things at the trader.
PVP Rules
  • No combat logging.
  • If you die in PvP situation, don't cry about it in side chat. Keep the taunting too a minimum. I'd like to remind everyone here that swearing isn't a huge deal, but racism/bigotry is not acceptable.
  • Ramming people is allowed as long as it is not in a trader city. This is something that has been widely debated. It is server legal  however, it is frowned upon and may result in a large group of powerful players coming after you. Outright abuse  of this rule will result in a warning, followed by ban if it persists.

General Rules
  • This is not a My Little Pony server. If an item disappears, if a vehicle goes missing, if something's "gone", you're going to have to deal with it. Bugs happen. This is Arma. We will help with major bugs/issues, but not every time "a magazine dissapeared", or you "can't find your car", or you're "surrounded by AI". Figure it out. We're here to help when you need it, not hold your hand.
  • Don't be a jerk. That makes us be jerks. None of us like that. 
  • All general rules that apply to the GIA community also apply here. Please read our terms and conditions, and general rules. 

  • Building bases is allowed almost anywhere, however do not build in, around, or near trader cities or it will be removed. Other forbidden buildings include Barracks or supermarkets or anything high value stuff. Buildings like barns are okay.
  • Attacking bases is allowed. However, repeatedly attacking someone's base is frowned upon.
  • Do not exploit the collision detection system to break into bases.

  • Q:   How do I report a player?
  • A:   You can speak with an admin on Teamspeak, or fill out a report under the "Ban Request" forum. If it's absolutely necessary, you can ask to speak  an admin over direct chat in game. However, we ask that you do not use side chat to complain or report. Ever. This could potentially spoil the opportunity to catch a sripter/cheater in the act.
  • Q:   How do I report an admin for abuse?
  • A:   This should never, ever, ever happen. However, if you suspect it you can always e-mail us at We review this e-mail address as a team, and the messages are server-side only. This means we can review it as a team, and can not be deleted by one user. We ask that you never, ever, accuse an admin of cheating in side chat. Most times it is a misunderstanding, and       can create a drop on population if people believe admins are cheating.

Admins have the right to override any of these rules as they see fit. Admins may also enforce these rules swiftly.
Admins will always fix something that was their fault or a major glitch associated with a server add-on.
If you think someone has violated any of these rules, please email, private message, post on the forums, or join us Team Speak. We're here to help, but we can help more if you can provide proof.

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