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What's up guys? It's about time I sat down and laid out the basic plugin commands. Also, I wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions that tend to come up on the server as well. In order to condense threads, I'm posting all the commands between our servers, so some may not apply. I'll get started.


Bounty System
Offline Raid Protection (custom)
Fire Arrows
Instant Crafting
Player List
Remover Tool
Sign Artist
Quickly Smelt
Server Rewards

Bounty System

Our Bounty System plugin allows players to place bounties on other players. When you place the bounty, a chest appears in front, and you can place whatever you would like for the bounty in the box. When you are done, the box will disappear. When the player is killed (or "hunted") by you, you have the ability to claim the bounty. 

"/bounty" - Will show help
"/bounty add Playername" - Will open the bounty box to deposit your items. when closed the bounty will be placed
"/bounty check" - Will check the users current bounty's
"/bounty check Playername" - Will show you the players current bounty's
"/bounty claim" - Will list your current rewards with ID number
"/bounty claim ##" - Claims the reward with ID number ##
"/bounty top" - Will display the top 5 bounty hunters and top 5 total wanted times
"/bounty wanted" - Will display the top 5 wanted players and top 5 current wanted times

Common questions:

Q: Can players place multiple bounties on someone?
A: Yes! If someone has really agitated someone, it is entirely possible you will end up with several bounties on your head.
Q: I killed someone. How do I get the loot?
A: Use "/bounty claim" to see the ID number you have available to claim. Then use "/bounty claim 43" (or whatever ID# is) to claim the bounty.

Server Rewards

Server Rewards allow players to "buy" items with RP or Rewards Points. Reward Points can be acquired by playing (you acrue two every hour) or by referring other players. You can also purchase RP, which is why there are no "pay to win" items in the store. This can be done by making a donation to the server.

"/s" - Accesses the store to purchase items.
"/refer <name>" - Gives you 3 RP and your team mate 5 RP for referring you.


You can do quests now! Yay! 

"/q" - Open the quests menu and do all the things.


Teleportation is meant to reduce the amount of grief players experience when trying to contact friends, while still maintaining a level of difficulty. You can teleport to up to two homes, and to players, if they accept your request.

"/home add <name>" - Saves your current position as the location name.
"/home list" - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved.
"/home remove <name>" - Removes the location of your saved homes. 
"/home <name>" - Teleports you to the home location.
"/tpr <player name>" - Sends a teleport request to the player.
"/tpa" - Accepts an incoming teleport request.
"/tpc" - Cancel teleport or request.
"/town" - Teleports yourself to town.
"/tpinfo" - Shows limits and cooldowns.

Admin and Moderator - Assistance Use Only:
"/tp <targetplayer>" - Teleports yourself to the target player.
"/tp <player> <targetplayer>" - Teleports the player to the target player.
"/tp <x> <y> <z>" - Teleports you to the set of coordinates.
"/tpl" - Shows a list of saved locations.
"/tpl <location name>" - Teleports you to a saved location.
"/tpsave <location name>" - Saves your current position as the location name.
"/tpremove <location name>" - Removes the location from your saved list.
"/tpb" - Teleports you back to the place where you were before teleporting.
"/home radius <radius>" - Find all homes in radius.
"/home delete <player name/id> <home name>" - Remove a home from a player.
"/home tp <player name|id> <name>" - Teleports you to the home location with the name 'name' from the player.
"/home homes <player name|id>" - Shows you a list of all homes from the player.
"/town set" - Saves the current location as town.

Common questions:

Q: Aren't you worried that players can just combat log, or teleport away when they're in a fight?
A: Nope! For one, another player would have to readily accept the teleport. Second, you cannot teleport while taking damage (or on a roof)
Q: How many times can you teleport a day?
A: Five. That includes "home" teleports. 
Q: I can't teleport to my friend James Ihatelife!
A: If you friend has a space in their name, use quotes: /tpr "james Ihatelife"

Anti Offline Raid (Custom)

Anti Offline Raid was designed to prevent waiting until a player(s) is offline, and then raiding them. Anti Offline Raid was not designed to be a hand holding plugin! If you leave your doors open, base unlocked, or generally unintelligibly protected, you can still be offline raided!

This plugin will protect locked and secured bases for a limited time, and will make it extremely difficult to raid afterward. The longer that you are offline, the more valuable your base will become. See the scale below:

Hours Offline

01 - 06:  100% Protected
06 - 12:  90% Protected
12 - 24:  80% Protected
24 - 48:  50% Protected
48 -  + :   0% Protected

Fire Arrows

To use fire arrows, you must understand there are three grades. To use them, you must have your bow equipped, and center mouse-wheel click. The required resources must also be in your inventory. The requirements are listed below.

Fire Arrow - standard fire arrows. Need Cloth and Low grade fuel.
Fire Ball Arrow - better fire DOT arrow Need Cloth, Fuel and Crude oil.
Fire Bomb Arrow - best fire arrow. Need Cloth, Fuel, Oil and Explosives.

Remove Tool

Remove tool. I love this thing. Tired of having to break or destroy crafted items like spikes, sand bags, or high external walls? This program makes it super easy. Type "/remove" and have no item in your hand. Walk up to the object you want to remove and click. That's it. After that, the item should be back in your inventory. It will charge a "cost" to remove it, which is a percentage of the object's cost.


Sign Artist

Simply put: Put cool pictures in game. 

" /sil URL "
" /sil"

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