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(05-06-2017, 07:42 PM)Bud Finklestein Wrote: -I've always been a fan of bounty systems in mmo's, i feel like it give players a viable means for retaliation. Ie, squealers leaving the admin alone and just setting a bounty on a clan or player as well as individuals who may not be able to grind as hard as others do not feel as helpless.
-I loved the offline raid protection in the rust servers. As long as the percentages do not indirectly turn the server into PvE I feel it gives players a sense of security after they've spent all day grinding, or just come on an hour or two a day and want your hobbit hole not to get blown sky high by a cannon laden quetz.
-As for prime, it's cool but I barely trust the Ark devs as it is let alone expect them to stabilize this dlc in a timely manner. Seems like too many people are having problems with it and may just end up being a server owner's nightmare imo.

I'm glad you conquer with the bounty system. I haven't found a good bounty mod, so for the time being it will probably need to be forum based or something, but I'd like to see that. I think there should be SOME measures in place to keep people from repeatedly being raided though. Suggestions?

It sounds like we will not be doing primitive plus. It's out.

(05-07-2017, 02:09 AM)Fernridge Wrote: 20x across the board with 10x xp I think is fine. I don't think that nerfing breeding would be a good idea though as I know that some players play just to do that. I have played floating around on multiple servers and there are some mods that are just a "necessity" to me. They aren't necessarily OP but they make things less grindy (Between kids/jobs I can't afford the grind...) Those mods would be:
Death Helper:
Egg n Poop Collector:
Pet Finder:
Some sort of meat spoiler:
Some sort of bulk crafting mod
Some sort of tranq mod for easier tranqing
Kibble table- not a necessity but a niceity (can be very very OP so take it with a grain of salt):
Flying nerf sucked imo, so classic flyers is a nice thing to have so you can get around the map without spending 10 minutes to get from one side of the center to the other.

As for dino levels:
I feel that the challenge of having the higher levels when starting off is fun, I enjoy having to watch my back with everything I do in fear that I might get KO'd by a level 45 Troodon...I don't think that having level 150 dinos running around is a bad thing. if you don't have that high of dinos then the end game won't be fun as finding max level dinos becomes easier, and there won't be that high level dino strolling around in the forest that can kill your ass if you aren't paying attention.

Hm, the leveling/collection levels you suggested I think are fair. I think 20x is really the highest we should go, but I'll keep it open to suggestion. The grind can definitely be less fun - especially when you have other responsibilities. The problem is that we can't make it "too easy" with "no grind" because there are people who have all the time in the world, so while it might make things easy for you, imagine the guy who puts in 100hrs a week into the server - they would be extremely OP, which isn't fair to everyone else.

The other reason I want to avoid a bunch of mods is because it makes it more challenging for people to join in general. I'll check to see how large those mods are. If they're small, I'll consider it. I don't think the dino finder is really going to hurt anything - I think hunting forever for dinos is irritating, but part of the process (IMO). Stack mods will make bulk crafting easier so no worries about that one. As for the incubator goes... Maybe. I want people to actually have something to DO. Maybe a compromise would be to turn down it's efficiency so it's still worth grabbing eggs poop? What do you think? As for the corpse finder, I'm a little concerned. I've already increased the corpse stick-around rate 3x, so they won't easily disappear. Think about how this plugin could be problematic in PVP. You kill someone, they could come right back.
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