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Yo, just thought I'd share a couple brief tips that helped me get about 15-20 extra frames on Ark. Luckily, it's been optimized a bunch since it was first released so it is definitely better than it was! At any rate, two things it does poorly is: Manage memory and recognize your useable cores.

By going into your steam launch options, you can enter "-USEALLAVAILABLECORES -nomansky -lowmemory" which should have a pretty big impact (especially if you have an AMD processor).


This affects the detection of cores. Rather than Ark pulling what it "believes it needs" and then being chocked later, it will start Ark using all your cores, and continue to do so. 


This affects how the sky loads in. Surprisingly enough, the sky texture and details eat up a lot of system memory and potential rendering power. Nomansky allows you to still see clouds, etc, but greatly improves performance.


Typically Ark needs 16GB of RAM in order to run at full capability (that's a lot). Most computers, even mid-high end don't have that much because in most cases it is unnecessary. If you have Less than 16GB of RAM this will reduce the hit your system takes and optimize it to use 4GB. When prompted with the memory screen just hit "normal".

Hope this helps!
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